Estonian University of Life Sciences includes research and development in many fields, including agriculture and rural economy, forestry, environmental sciences, veterinary medicine and animal sciences, technical and engineering sciences. The academic structure is composed of five institutes, one college and two research centers, including Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Polli Horticultural Research Center. The main directions of the research done in Polli Horticultural Research Center are breeding fruits and berries, cultivation, storage and processing technologies, extraction technologies and analyzes. PlantValor is the Competence Centre for Knowledge-Based Health and Natural Products of the Estonian University of Life Sciences that is founded in the Polli Center. The focus of the centre is the utilization of plant material in food and non-food products, increasing their quality, functionality and shelf life.

In the cluster, Polli Horticultural Research Center is responsible for field experiments with crops and the separation and characterization of plant protein.

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